Control Measures


Quality is “a defined level of excellence” and is a standard, which W. F. Magann Corporation is dedicated to achieve. In the performance of our tasks, we strive to ensure that construction is performed according to plans and specifications, on time, within a defined budget, and in a safe work environment. We recognize that delivering a quality product is paramount, so we focus our operations on successfully completing tasks, providing deliverables that are timely and of good quality, and being stewards of Owner funds.

We treat Construction Quality Management as a partnering effort between the Owner and our Construction Team. By cooperating and teaming with the Owner at all levels, we are better equipped to maintain the quality level standards established for a project through the project criteria, contracts, designs, drawings, specifications, industry standards and construction processes. We lend to this partnership our longstanding experience in design and construction of thousands of diverse projects.

Quality Control Program
The Owner is the final authority on all aspects of quality control for a project and should expect close contact and cooperation from our CQC Manager (CQCM). Our CQCM maintains a presence at the site at all times during progress of the work and has complete authority and responsibility to take any action necessary to ensure contract compliance. Our CQCM ensures that construction, including that of our subcontractors and suppliers, complies with the requirements of the contract.

The major milestones of our Quality Control Program include:

  • Project Kickoff Meeting
  • Trade Pre-construction Conferences (Precons)
  • Submittal Data
  • Independent Testing Services
  • Quality Inspections
  • Three Phases of Control:
    • Preparatory Phase
    • Initial Phase
    • Follow-up Phase
  • Closeout and Commissioning
  • Post Delivery and Warranty

To successfully complete each of these milestones, we monitor and require active participation from our Construction Team, key subcontractors, and specialty inspectors, as required. All members are made available to each other to ensure design and construction quality control.