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W. F. Magann Corporation has, from its inception, been committed to building and supporting an organization that demonstrates honesty, integrity, ethics, and best practices in order to ensure the safety and security of our employees; as well as, the success of the business. As a result, we have built a company with an outstanding reputation among our peers, our customers, and our business partners. We recognize that our reputation is an immeasurable asset that must be protected and to do so we must work individually and as a team to prevent unethical, illegal, and unsafe behavior in the workplace.

Unethical, illegal, and unsafe acts can have serious consequences for our company team, including legal liability, reduced opportunity to bid on contracts, financial losses, and reduced morale among our most important resource – our employees. In an effort to strengthen our commitment, we implemented a Compliance and Ethics Program designed to maximize the abilities of each team member to prevent this behavior and to make a difference at our company.

The cornerstone of our Compliance and Ethics Program is our Code of Conduct. We adopted our Code of Conduct to set forth the general principles and standards to which our officers, management, and employees are expected to adhere. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to articulate the compliance and ethics framework within which W.F. Magann Corporation operates and to advise employees that they will be held responsible for abiding by the articulated standards, including applicable laws, and will conduct themselves in order to protect and promote organization-wide compliance and integrity.

W. F. Magann Corporation employs a full-time Director of Compliance. It is the Director’s duty to ensure that representatives of W. F. Magann Corporation, our service and material suppliers, and our business partners comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations; as well as, with our contracts and do so in an ethical manner.