Dive Team

W. F. Magann Corporation has successfully provided its marine construction expertise for projects up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Associated with many of these projects has been the requirement for specialized underwater services utilizing divers. In the past, we had provided this service by carefully choosing competent subcontractors. Since 1999, W. F. Magann Corporation has offered its own in-house dive teams providing complete underwater survey, engineering, construction and inspection services. Through the years, we have gained a reputation for providing outstanding services.

Our highly trained and experienced personnel use the latest equipment and techniques to provide you the satisfaction of a quality job perfomed economically and on time. Carefully planned teamwork and close contact under your supervision are the keys to success. The right tools are at our fingertips and the right people are ready to carry out your assignments.

Our underwater services are as limitless as the imagination. For this to be, we utilize only professional, experienced personnel and use surface-supplied diving equipment that exceeds OSHA and USACE standards for the industry. Our personnel are constantly updated on equipment and skills through our in-house training programs. Below is a partial list of our services:

  • Bridges, Piers, and Wharves: 
    • Substructure inspections.
    • Hydrographic surveys.
    • Scour investigations and remediation.
    • Concrete structural repairs.
    • Epoxy sealing and crack injection.
    • Fender system inspection and repairs.
  • Submarine Pipelines and Cables: 
    • Installation of water and sewer lines including outfalls.
    • Installation of submarine power cables.
    • Stabilization, scour protection, recoating, patching, and sub-bottom burial.
    • Electronic locating services.
  • Plant Maintenance and Dams: 
    • Trash rack cleaning and repair.
    • Rotating screen maintenance.
    • Stop log placement and sealing.
    • Intake structure cleaning and repair.
    • Cathodic protection maintenance.
    • Pumping and dewatering services.
    • Aeration system cleaning and repairs.
    • Outfall structure inspections and repairs.
  • Ships Husbandry: 
    • Full video and still photographic documentation.
    • Complete hull inspections.
    • Ultrasonic plate thickness testing.
    • Underwater welding and burning services.
    • Hull patching, sea chest blanks, and zinc replacements.
    • Turn-key salvage operations.


General underwater repairs – welding General underwater repairs General underwater repairs – welding